2% / 2% Tax

The tax is meant to be.
Community Diven Project and contract re-announcement must keep the game model sustainable and provide token growth since developers won't have access to the smart contract.
Buy 2%
Marketing Tax 1%
A Marketing Tax is needed to provide community growth even after the project launch. A small amount of 1% will allow us to increase community Monthly on 10%-25%!
Developer Wallet 1%
Game developers require different people's work to bring multiplayer to the game and PVP mode; significant development has already been done and will still be needed. The game requires Servers for multiplayer and fair play since all game calculations happen on a server but not on the client side; servers rent should be paid.
Sell 2%
Game Reward Tax 1%
Game Reward tax is needed to keep the pool live, and the rewardable for the game will be able to grow while users will play the game. BURN 1%
To provide sustainable growth and a limited number of tokens in circulation, 1% of the selling tax will burn.